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Winmanx Tech Manufacturing Division Synopsis
Our security and communications products are on the cutting edge of what is possible in today's industry with quality, function and affordability. At Winmanx Tech, we believe good security product development always starts with good communication. Listening to our customers is at the paramount of our success. We want to know everything we can about how to keep their assets as secure as possible.

Our research methods are multifold. We first find out what is important to our customers, then we apply our knowledge of the necessary specifications needed for each component to do its job, choose from the best raw material sources and come up with manufacturing methods that are not only following or exceeding industry quality control standards, but that we are doing it in the most efficient and cost effective ways possible, with the best supply chain at hand.

So what does all this mean? It means we can deliver the best performing security products at the most affordable prices. To our customers, we don't just deliver products with impressive specs at impressive prices; we deliver a peace of mind to make them more productive. We want business and home owners to feel the confidence that their properties and workers or families are safe as they focus on the matters that will drive their businesses or family lives forward in positive ways.

So whether it is the latest in dome cameras keeping an eye on the inside of your properties, bullet cameras performing their constant outside sentry duties with reliability, or high quality cabling bringing your security systems together, we have you covered. We are also expanding our electronics lines beyond security systems and delving into products to enhance your lifestyle and information needs like great DVR equipment.

So all this adds up to better security, communications and lifestyles for your employees and family members.
At Winmanx Tech, we work each day to bring you products which will better they way you protect your business or home; and conduct your life.

How do we do it?
First we listen, then we research, and finally we deliver.
Winmanx Tech … “Evolve with Technology.”

A Synopsis of Winmanx Tech's Software Division
Winmanx Tech prides itself on providing intricate software solutions to solve problems ranging from the minuscule data entry level, on up to the artificial intelligence level. Be it a desktop application, server application, mobile app or a complete intranet based CRM/ERP, Winmanx Tech has been able place itself as a front runner for making exceptional solutions for even the most complex problems at an affordable cost. We manage to do this through our time tested proprietary tools and techniques, as well as following the industry standard Agile Software Development practices.

Equipped with the best of their breed kind of programmers from India, the USA and several other parts of the world, and using technologies such as .NET, JAVA, C, C++, C#, PHP/MySQL, Angular, Laravel, node.js, HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, just to name a few, Winmanx Tech is able to bring unmatchable innovation and creativity to the creation of its software. Time after time we have provided mission critical solutions to virtually impossible problems. All of Winmanx Tech software solutions are made with the highest grade security practices, which guarantee to secure your investments and your precious data for many years to come.

Not only do we go through rigorous training and constant research to stay current with the ever changing technology paradigm, but we are always pushing the boundaries to find the perfect solution for you, should we need to work with a technology not currently under our belt. In addition to the programming languages mentioned above, we at Winmanx Tech also consider ourselves as open source enthusiasts, that’s why we love to produce amazing software applications using world renown open source packages like, WordPress, Magento, Drupal, etc.

From a simple website of a few pages on up to a mammoth web application which involves sophisticated data modeling as well as data mining/migration, our team has no problem handling any project.

It would be our honor to work with you in a long term relationship to provide you the exact solutions you need to run your business at optimum conditions, thus becoming the IT backbone for your company. Then you can spend your time running and expanding your business rather than trying to solve technical issues.

With our best compliments,

~ The Winmanx Tech Pvt. Ltd. Team